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Mobile Dental – Vancouver, GVRD

It’s now easier than ever for you or your loved ones to receive the care of a mobile dentist! Vancouver-based Simply Dental and Dr. Latif brings quality mobile dental care services to you and the comfort of your own home.

A Mobile Dentists Provides an Ideal Solution for:

  • Patients who are challenged to receive dental care due to a health or mobility issue.
  • Patients who are in need of gentle, non-threatening Dementia and Alzheimer’s dental care.
  • Patients with demanding schedules, preventing them from visiting a dentist’s office.
  • Seniors and the Disabled requiring special attention.

Why Choose Simply Dental for Mobile Dental Services in Vancouver?

Dr. Latif will visit your private residence, office or assisted living facility to provide gentle mobile dental care in a nonthreatening, comfortable environment. Emergencies are usually seen within 24 hours of a call, and often the same day.

Work with a compassionate mobile dentist who has experience caring for all types of patients, including special needs patients, individuals with disabilities, and seniors. Dr. Latif is specially trained to provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia dental care!

Dr. Latif provides the same care you would receive at your dentist’s office, for around the same price!
He is experienced in providing geriatric dentistry & caring for patients with special needs.

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If you are interested in improving your smile and learn more about the our services, give our office a call at 604-684-1742 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to ensuring your dental health and improving your smile!